Hey Beauties! 

That's right! I started a 30 Day Cleanse! Now, it's not what you're thinking... I'm not only drinking juices, starving myself and crying in a corner.  (Well, maybe the crying part happened for a few days in the beginning.) I am doing this the healthy way, loaded with fresh veggies and protein from beans and some seafood.  I have chosen to eat vegan now for almost two years, so cutting out dairy wasn't hard for me because I don't eat dairy normally. However, this has not been a walk in the park! I cut out coffee, sugar, and gluten all at once.  (And I was a coffee addict! Just ask Steven... I cried for eight days straight because of my headache and withdrawals.) 

I am now on day 21 and have never felt better.  I haven't weighed myself yet because I want to wait until the end, but I can tell that I have lost weight! So, here's exactly what I have been doing:

I kicked off my cleanse with Sakara Life's 5 Day Reset Collection - This kit is loaded with the essentials: Detox teas, beauty waters, detox bars, probiotics, supplements, and recipes.  My first five days looked something like this:

-Wake up and take supplements with my beauty water

-10 minute meditation

-Eat detox bar

-Get ready for the day, and head to work

-Drink mid-morning tea while working

-Eat Lunch

-Drink mid-afternoon tea while working 

-Head Home

-Eat Dinner

-Work on my blog and channel/write a song

-Eat Chocolate Probiotic

-Watch my fav shows

-Drink Detox Water


I opted out of working out for the first five days because my head hurt so much from cutting out coffee - I just couldn't even think about the gym!

After I finished my 5 day reset, I pulled recipes and tips from Goop Clean Beauty - This book contains all of the secrets for a perfect cleanse from the inside out! I started dry brushing before my showers, rolling out my fascia with a foam roller in the evenings, and limiting my use of plastic containers and bottles.  I haven't been perfect with some things.  For example, I haven't gone to the gym everyday, I haven't fully cut out plastic, and I haven't switched over to all-natural makeup and beauty products.  BUT, I view this thirty days as a stepping stone to my new and improved lifestyle.  I am going to continue living this way from here on out.  Of course, I will have my occasional cheat day, but I plan to permanently "organify" my whole life.  (Although let's be real, I probably will still use some makeup and products that aren't natural... Shh, don't tell.)

I wanted to share this with y'all because if I can do it, I know that you can do it! I was so addicted to my unhealthy lifestyle... Trying over and over to change my bad habits and failing miserably.  However, it is all about perception.  Instead of telling myself I am doing this to lose weight, I am telling myself I am doing this to look and feel better from the inside out.  And that is exactly what is starting to happen.  It feels SO good to take back control of my life.  I encourage y'all to join me on my path to health and beauty - I wouldn't mind having a few buddies! :) 

Stay tuned for my final weigh in and thoughts on my 30 Day Cleanse.  Love!



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