Wait, It's November 1st!? | Nora Eckler

Hey Beauties!

HAPPY NOVEMBER! I seriously cannot believe it is November 1st. It's officially time to start gearing up for the holidays, yall! 👯 But before we get to that, I wanted to talk about this past October and Halloween. I went into October knowing that I wanted to spend as much time with my loved ones as possible, and for the first time in a long time, I can truly say that I spent QUALITY time with my family and friends this fall.

Steven and I went on hikes, to pumpkin patches, carved pumpkins, drank hot cider (too much of it), and watched classic Halloween movies all month long. I got to spend time with my family in New Jersey, and we went to the cutest little Harry Potter festival in my hometown! I also had a slumber party with the loves of my life, my nieces, and I decorated my parent's home for the season. To end October, I attended my friend's Halloween party, and Steven and I LOVED our couples costume! We decided to go as the old people version of ourselves - haha! It was so much fun!

I am excited to keep relishing in this fall spirit, and I hope that this holiday season will live up to my new established expectation. This will be my first Christmas away from New Jersey, but I am really excited to start my own traditions here in Nashville. I can't wait to release more YouTube tutorials and fun all season long! Keep a lookout for my new video early next week! I love y'all so much.



What are your plans this year!? Let me know in the comments below!

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